But Wait, There's More

January 15, 2018


As I've mentioned once or twice, I work in a lawsuit waiting to happen. The lead maintenance guy head janitor hall monitor loves to get indignant when I mention, repeatedly, how much of a death trap the building we work in is, but yet I keep tripping over safety hazards. And this after they canned the last emergency, health, and safety person and replaced her with someone from corporate.

But these poor simulations of humanoid creatures keep insisting that the place is perfectly safe. Which is why, of course, I saw this parked in front of the door as I left for the day today. Every single time the management proclaims that they've rooted all the 'dangerous' asbestos out of our building, a crew inexplicably arrives a few months later to extract a bit more. It's funny how that works.

But then, the hall monitor loves to hook his buddies up with contract work for the company, when he isn't roaming around flexing in the halls, or trying to get on my last nerve by tattling on me to my boss for my posture being unprofessional or whatever it is that's so clearly vexing his tiny, tiny brain. I wonder if he's just sitting on piles of asbestos to have his pals come clean up.

He's such a flagrant scumbag that I wouldn't put it past him.