Fairies hopped up on Technohol

January 3, 2018

I spent all day at work plotting out a year worth of updates for my nerd site, because I didn't have anything to do. Ostensibly, I was engaging in yearly updates to various things the company does to say that hey, at least they told us about the asbestos in the building, but I actually wrapped those up in minutes. They were supposed to take me eight hours, though, so that left me in a bind.

On the plus side, I finally worked out how I wanted the electrophonic gobbledygook bouncing around in my head to translate into actual, playable rules work on two small portions of my Work of the Ages, so I was pretty happy with that. Having mulled these over for several years, one could say I am actually ecstatic. Besides, it's not too often that I'm actually paid to engage in nerdery, so who am I to argue?

In the end, this is one that I ultimately cooked up. That's over on my nerd site, Technohol 13, which has been running strong for almost twenty full years, now. It'll start its twenty first on April 9th, and I'm slowly, but surely, modernizing everything I've ever written there. Since it includes stuff I've worked on over the last thirty years, that's kind of a big deal, and almost leaves me ready to focus on only new material. Yay!